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Why SafeKab?

In these very difficult times, a group of taxi companies have gotten together to launch SafeKab. This combined taxi service, has the sole purpose of providing the very best and safest mode of transportation to the public to the cities of Scotland.

Whether you’re just visiting the supermarket and need a taxi near me, need a return journey to that vital medical appointment, or need an airport transfer taxi for when air travel is permitted, SafeKab is dedicated to getting you there safely.

Taxis are one of the safest ways to travel right now. Public transport like buses have challenges not applicable to taxi travel like having to deal with multiple passengers at once, making hygiene and social distancing protocols much more difficult to apply.


During this crisis, our combined drivers have completed over 200000 journeys without any incidents of drivers becoming ill due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This fantastic record can be attributed to the great steps that have taken to ensure that both our customers, drivers and partners can reach their destination and use our services safely.

SafeKab is here to safeguard your welfare on your journey through the combination of our dedicated, diligent staff, modern hygiene methods, and our pledge to continually revise and improve our safety measures. This constant revision of our practices means we can adapt to the changing advice from government, ensuring we can serve the public in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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Adaptability like this means we can serve the needs of domestic and business users during periods of restricted movement, but also be able to quickly revise our methods to provide services to visitors to Scotland whilst ensuring the highest of safety measures are observed.

Because we believe that every person across the nation should have access to the safest, most comfortable taxi service available, SafeKab invites other taxi services and partners to join our cooperative. We aim to ensure that all users; local, corporate or visitor to Scotland, feels safe and sure that our industry has adapted quickly to the changing landscape of this pandemic.  

You can now book Safekab through Facebook Messenger